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Landmark Planning is an independent planning and design consultancy committed to providing a first-class service for its clients.

We have an astute team of dedicated, highly-experienced planning experts, as well as an excellent in-house architectural design team. Together, they ensure that we meet clients’ demands in full and on time.

Day-to-day access to a highly-skilled barrister is unusual for a planning consultancy, but is part of our all embracing package. As one of the key figures of a professional team, the barrister provides extensive specialist knowledge and experience, fully understands the complexities of planning law and is adept at arguing a case cogently and convincingly. The resulting benefits for our clients have been considerable. Our planning success rate, both in terms of the initial application and at appeal, is unrivalled.

We are skilled at handling any planning requirement, from a private individual wishing to build a home extension to a business organisation intent on a major new development.

Whatever the scale of the work, we provide an impeccable service that remains constantly aware and always determined to do the best for our clients.


For more information about the services we provide use the Contact Us link above and we will be pleased to discuss how we can assist you.